Alderman Antwerp opens next level toilets in shopping Stadsfeestzaal

Oct 8, 2020

On Thursday October 8, the “next level toilets” of ONE HUNDRED restrooms in the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp, have been officially opened by the Alderman of the municipality of Antwerp, Koen Kennis in a select group of attendees. In a short opening speech, Kennis mentioned the importance of safe, hygienic toilets for the municipality. “In these times, residents and visitors of Antwerp are looking for security and safe toilet facilities when they visit the city. The toilet store of ONE HUNDRED restrooms fits with the requirements of the new normal.”

Next level experience
The “Covid clean” toilet store has a surface of almost 100m2 spread over 2 floors where all facilities can be found. The comfort crew is present during opening hours to welcome visitors and to keep the sanitary areas clean at all times. The Condair ‘steam experience’ at the entrance makes visitors aware – both physically and mentally – that they are entering an environment to relax. Besides, a relative humidity of between 40% and 60% also keeps viruses at bay and eliminates them faster.

During their break, visitors can enjoy extra services such as a health check, a drinking water dispenser and a modern vending machine with “personal care essentials for on the go” such as hand sanitizers and face masks. In addition, ONE HUNDRED has installed an innovative smart mirror exclusively in Stadsfeestzaal in collaboration with CareOS. Visitors can try out various hairstyles and looks and conduct a vision test.

“We are very pleased that ONE HUNDRED restrooms has been opened today. They provide a next level of toilet experience at a high quality and forward-looking, meeting the public’s demand for the highest hygiene standards. This concept is world class and fits the experience we want to offer our visitors,” says Hans D’Hondt, General Mall Manager Stadsfeestzaal.

Designed in Antwerp
The multi-award-winning design is a WeWantMore creation. The design studio based in Antwerp, reinterpreted the idea of a traditional toilet visit in their design, with the principles of health, well-being and beauty in mind. The total toilet experience should give the visitor a moment of well-being. This is due to a balanced mix of design, technology and service.

Ruud Belmans, Creative Director of Spatial Design at WeWantMore: “In general public toilets in Europe don’t have the best reputation. You want to get in and out as quickly as possible. The design of ONE HUNDRED restrooms, on the other hand goes beyond a fast bathroom break. It invites you to catch your breath and recharge your batteries. The high-tech features naturally contribute to this, but they also created a potential challenge. Precisely because everything is connected, there could be a risk of appearing distant and cool. A feeling we absolutely wanted to avoid. The natural materials, plant wall and indirect lighting provide the necessary counterbalance, so that the experience still feels personal and Zen.”

Marielle Romeijn, Chief Brand Officer of ONE HUNDRED restrooms: “Today, COVID-19 has made shoppers much more critical about the toilet offering in shopping centers. ONE HUNDRED is the new standard in safe, hygienic toilets; a total experience that transforms a visit to the toilet into a moment of well-being. These are undoubtedly the most beautiful toilets in Antwerp, designed in Antwerp.”

Data & innovation
The entire concept is aimed at offering a safe, hygienic and above all comfortable toilet experience. “Our innovative and data-driven way of working means that we are in control and always at the forefront. That’s exactly what our operational partners are looking for today,” said Chief Operations Officer Andrew Donaghy, former global manager at Shell.

ONE HUNDRED’s strategic partners are known for their pioneering role in health & hygiene: Essity, a world leader in hygiene and health; Roca, world leader in bathroom products and innovative in smart services, such as water flow meters; and Diversey, a leading company in intelligent and sustainable cleaning and hygiene solutions.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms opened its first toilet store in Madrid in October 2018, quickly followed by Stockholm. At the moment there are 6 toilet stores operational, spread over 3 countries in Europe. The name ONE HUNDRED suggests that the ambition is to open a hundred locations but is actually a nod to the past. In the past, a public toilet was called ‘room 100’. That eventually transformed into ‘loo’ in England. In addition, the number one hundred also radiates ambition and energy. And ambition is something team ONE HUNDRED certainly has: “The goal is to welcome the 100 millionth visitor within a few years.” Says Business development director Bram Gleichman. A major rollout in Europe is planned for Q4 2020 and 2021.



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