Jun 11, 2024

Today we launch our annual impact report 2023. In the report we show where ONE HUNDRED stands with regards to sustainability and which developments we have initiated in the areas of well-being, CO2 reduction, smart technology and the lifespan of our concept. We are proud that most of our partners and suppliers already prioritise sustainable practices. Step by step we improve our positive impact together.

We believe that a sustainable future is not only essential for the world, but also for our team, visitors, suppliers, partners, and investors. The report provides an overview of all initiatives implemented by ONE HUNDRED in 2023 to get closer to the goals for 2030:

  • inspiring and enabling 1 million visitors to improve their well-being
  • 55% reduction in overall carbon footprint per visitor
  • 50% increase in lifetime of our restroom locations

Working with an impact strategy fully aligns with our mission to make a positive impact on the world. Each year we will gain a better understanding of the impact of our concept and the areas that need attention to work towards a more sustainable future.



Learn more about our sustainability journey: