We see a movement towards growing global health awareness and increasing shortage of time. Evidence shows that regular micro-breaks are helpful for well-being, life satisfaction, and health.

We want to make an impact on human well-being, by changing the definition of a toilet break. Every toilet visit should be a 5-minute well-being boost, a moment to relax and recover. Together with our strategic partners we improve lives through innovative health, hygiene and convenience solutions.


In the future individuals will be more involved in the management of their well-being. We are right in the middle of a shift to a new health ecosystem, focused on prevention, with the customer at the center. The restroom will play a central role as the healthhub of the future, facilitating hygiene, self care and prevention.

We aim to be the leading expert in this new restroom standard, through knowledge and innovative health & hygiene solutions. Our objective is to create a learning platform, build a network and develop the most innovative retail service brand worldwide. Joining forces enables us to connect with smart thinkers around the world that -similar to us- are willing to disrupt the health and well-being space to make a real difference in people’s lives.


The founding team of ONE HUNDRED are all pioneers and experts in the world of ‘loos’. With more than 25 years’ experience in the field of toilet branding, building and operations they have been able to create a leading position with ideas and power to change the game in the area of public restrooms, with proven success and results

Team ONE HUNDRED strongly believes in the importance of technology and continuous innovation. We are proud supporters of the brand values: leading, caring, innovative and bright.

“ We want to change the world, 
   redefine the standard ”



ONE HUNDRED restrooms is committed to partner up and create synergies that contribute to achieving the 17 SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). 

Our focus: 3. Good health and well-being, 6. Clean water and sanitation, and 12. Responsible consumption and production.

We join forces with strategic partners who share the same values, to enhance human well-being and contribute to a healthier future.


ONE HUNDRED is an official partner of the World Toilet Organization. Together we contribute to enhance human well-being and a healthier future for everyone. The World Toilet Organization (WTO) is the leading global voice for sanitation – a non-profit organisation working towards a world with clean, safe toilets and sanitation for everyone, everywhere, at all times.
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