ONE HUNDRED restrooms wins 2019 platinum MUSE Design Award!

Dec 5, 2019

Out of more than 3,680 submissions from 60 countries, ONE HUNDRED restrooms – the new standard in public restrooms – has won the Platinum Interior design Award of the Year in the 2nd season of the 2019 MUSE Design Awards competition. The winning project was created by the Antwerp based design studio WeWantMore for ONE HUNDRED.

“We believe the restroom of the future is a place, a sanctuary built around the principles of health and well-being and powered by smart technology. This vision is reflected in our interior design. Winning the MUSE Award is a confirmation that we have indeed created a new standard.”
Marielle Romeijn, co-founder and CBO of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

“Inspired by ONE HUNDRED’s vision, we wanted to redefine the toilet break moment as such. Rather than designing a merely functional area, we re- interpreted the concept of a public restroom as a place to relieve, refresh and reload. As a result, the ONE HUNDRED restrooms experience goes beyond a clean toilet in a high traffic area. It creates a true moment of well-being through an intricate combination of cutting-edge technology, design and service.” Carine Aussems, Design Director Spatial Design at WeWantMore.

About the MUSE Design Awards
The MUSE Creative and MUSE Design Awards are international competitions for creative and design professionals from all disciplines, who help push the evolution of their industry in a positive direction. “As a creative professional myself, it is empowering to watch the creative industry grow and progress so much since the inaugural year of the MUSE awards,’” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of both competitions. “These achievements are proof that there are many who continue to innovate and originate amazing ideas.”

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