Hygiene matters

The new design standards

Although restroom hygiene has always been a crucial part of public health, the pandemic has showed us why it’s so critical to control hygiene as best we can to mitigate the effects of viruses and bacteria.

We believe good design can address both hygiene and aesthetics with new technologies and materials.

Our hygiene solutions

ONE HUNDRED restrooms locations are designed for good hygiene. Ventilation, air humidity, antibacterial finishes, non touch technology and continuous cleaning are part of our standard offer.

Our latest innovations are primarily focused on the prevention of the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

The clean routine

Hygiene is the most important focus for public restroom operators like us to ensure customers have the best possible experience.

We have developed clear cleaning procedures to deliver on our promise, supported by detailed training programs, audits, manuals and sustainable cleaning products.

We don’t accept average as a standard.

Survey: new hygiene demands

To get a deeper understanding in changing customer attitudes ONE HUNDRED has initiated an online survey in 8 countries in December 2020. Followed by an additional study in Portugal in November 2021.

The main conclusion is that the offer of ONE HUNDRED with focus on health and hygiene matches the consumer needs more than ever.

Topline results



60% agree that public spaces such as train stations, petrol stations, shopping centers and municipalities give too little priority to the quality and hygiene of toilets.



54% have more confidence in the quality and hygiene of toilets if they are operated by a professional toilet/cleaning company.



55% feel safer in a public washroom if it is staffed continuously instead of regular cleaning visits.



69% claim that broken parts in washrooms give them the impression that not enough attention has been paid to the quality and hygiene.



67% agree that the quality and hygiene of the toilets is a clear indicator for the general hygiene of a public space.



62% evaluate the presence of high-quality, hygienic toilet facilities in public spaces more critically due to COVID-19.



37% would use a health check in public toilet facilities when offered.


On average people are willing to pay €1.18 for clean, quality toilets.

Innovation: Nano coating

Testing new techniques and innovations in the area of hygiene & health is part of our DNA. The Nano Photocatalyst Coating of UV Solutions prevents spreading and eliminates micro-organisms up to 99.8% on surfaces, and neutralizes unpleasant smells and gasses. This helps us keep our restrooms clean and safe without being harmful for the environment.

Apart from innovations in hygiene technology, other developments will impact the future of public restrooms, becoming health and well-being hubs. Find out how ONE HUNDRED contributes to better well-being.