Let's build a better world

Our journey to sustainable growth and better well-being

Creating moments for better well-being also means contributing to a healthy planet and living environment. We are commited to creating spaces that not only promote health and hygiene, but also adhere to the highest standards of transparency and sustainability. Step by step, we gain a clearer and more detailed understanding of how our concept affects the environment and identify key areas where we need to improve to build a more sustainable future, in close collaboration with our partners.

Outlook to 2030


Inspiring and enabling 1 million people to improve their well-being


Visitor well-being


Healthy lifestyle empowerment


Team well-being and development


Social initiatives for better well-being

Contributing to a greener world

55% reduction in overall carbon footprint per visitor compared to 2022, in line with the eu


Action on climate change


Impact reduction plan

Optimising for better operations

50% increase in lifetime of our restroom locations


Smart technology to increase efficiency


Smart construction and predictive maintenance


As we move towards a future where sustainability and social impact are becoming increasingly important, it’s crucial for us to take responsibility for our environmental and social impact. At the heart of this effort is the goal of achieving significant progress by 2030. We have defined objectives towards 2030 for the 3 impact pillars that are part of our ESG strategy.


Facilitating better well-being is the sustainability pillar that is closest to our mission. By prioritising the well-being of our visitors and team members and by creating awareness for personal health empowerment, we want to make positive impact on society.

Our offer: a hygienic and comfortable well-being experience has been rated with a 4.5 in 2023. We have implemented 5 well-being innovations and we have contributed to 4 social initiatives that support better well-being in 2023. Detailed information about our vision and actions can be found in our impact report.

Contributing to a greener world

At ONE HUNDRED, we recognise that climate change is one of the biggest threats our planet is facing. That’s why our second pillar is centred around reducing our climate impact to help build a better and healthier world for generations to come.

From the start of our concept we have joined forces with partners and suppliers who prioritise sustainability. Still we wanted to have a more detailed calculation of our footprint to define areas of improvement and work towards our goals for 2030.

The infographic shows the total footprint and the distribution per scope and per Life Cycle stage. The table gives a clear overview of the impacts we have calculated for the year 2023. All detailed calculations can be found in our impact report.

Optimising for better operations

By harnessing insights from data analytics and deploying innovative smart solutions, we aim to drive sustainability across all facets of our operations, from construction to daily operations and R&M practices, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally responsible and resilient business model.

In 2023 we have initiated three eco-cleaning pilots to test innovative and sustainable cleaning solutions, further reducing our environmental impact.

Additionally, we have accomplished a score of 94% of issues solved within or ahead of the agreed SLA time. This high efficiency not only enhances user satisfaction but also contributes to the longer lifetime of our facilities by ensuring timely maintenance and addressing potential problems promptly. In 2023, we also introduced three Recycle and Re-use projects with a specific focus on electronics, which have a relatively high footprint.

Detailed information about this pillar can be found in our impact report.

Get the report

Check out our full impact report 2023 with all details and data on each of the pillars and discover how our actions contribute to a healthier planet.