Apr 10, 2024


Transforming stressful toilet visits into a well-being boost 

Utrecht, Wednesday the 10th of April 2024 – Today, during Dutch Health Week, the official opening of the ONE HUNDRED restrooms hub in the Netherlands’ busiest shopping centre: Hoog Catharijne took place. The restroom concept offers free well-being services in addition to a comfortable toilet experience. The mission of the Dutch scale-up is to change a toilet visit in public spaces from a stressful moment to a well-being moment for yourself. 

The toilets were officially opened by unveiling ‘the ONE HUNDRED moon’ by Rinus Griep, Shopping Centre Director of Hoog Catharijne, together with Mariëlle Romeijn co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of ONE HUNDRED restrooms. Following partnerships with Maremagnum, L’Esplanade, and Alexandrium, Hoog Catharijne marks the fourth shopping mall collaboration for ONE HUNDRED with Klépierre.

Well-being services

Visitors enter the reload zone where they can immediately access a range of free well-being services, including a health check that measures blood pressure, BMI, and temperature, among other metrics. The drinking water tap provides complimentary chilled and filtered water, with an option for visitors to make a small donation to water projects in developing countries, in collaboration with Made Blue and Roca’s We Are Water initiative. Exclusively at Hoog Catharijne, ONE HUNDRED introduces an AI selfie check kiosk that conducts a facial analysis. This ‘selfie check’ offers insights into various skin features such as pigmentation, pores, redness, and wrinkles.

The goal of all well-being services is to promote awareness of physical and mental fitness. Upon entering, one immediately notices the impressive vending wall offering self-tests. ONE HUNDRED has established an exclusive partnership with Vivoo for these self-tests; they create urine tests with the mission of enabling individuals to take charge of their own well-being. By regularly testing and tracking their results in the Vivoo app, users can gain insights into their body’s needs and receive personalised nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. The Vivoo range includes a comprehensive test that analyses urine in 9 different areas, along with 4 separate tests (Vitamin C, protein, hydration, and vaginal pH), each comprising 30 urine strips.

On behalf of ONE HUNDRED, MSI Consultants carried out a study to explore the need among the Dutch population aged 18 and over to gain more control over their own well-being and health. The study found that 47% of individuals aged 18-35 wish to take more control of their well-being and health by focusing on mental/emotional health. Additionally, the survey gained insight into which health aspects are considered for self-testing; cholesterol, vitamins and minerals, fatigue, and bowel function were most frequently mentioned. Based on these findings, ONE HUNDRED also formed a partnership with The Medical Tester, a company that sells CE-certified self-tests aligning closely with the survey results.

Toilet concept 

The sense of well-being is amplified by indirect lighting, a unique aroma, comfortable furnishings, and soothing music. Within the toilet cubicles, visitors can enjoy mind-boosting music from the meditation and mood music app, Sines. Additionally, the restrooms are equipped with touchless solutions and water-saving flush systems. Special tactile communication is utilised for those who are visually impaired.

The comfort crew is present during opening hours to welcome visitors and ensure the restrooms are continuously clean. ONE HUNDRED also provides a separate room for disabled guests, a family room equipped with a children’s toilet and play area, and a nursery where infants can be changed, cared for, and fed (including a microwave) in a calm and serene environment.

Visitors to ONE HUNDRED pay €1 for their toilet visits, which not only grants them access to all well-being services but also entitles them to discounts at Cinnabon, Manneken Pis, Salsa Shop, or Schuttevaer. From April to June 2024, Hoog Catharijne Premium members will enjoy a 50% discount. Additionally, visitors will find further benefits revealed through scanning the QR code on their voucher. Beyond the paper voucher benefits, scanning the QR code on their ticket provides customers with exclusive access to a shop featuring attractive well-being retreats and offers throughout the Netherlands.

“Our concept is designed to add as much value as possible for the visitor, making a visit to ONE HUNDRED a very good deal. Our high ratings and rapid growth in Europe show that this formula works,” says Bram Gleichman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer  of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.