Jun 27, 2023

A moment of well-being for visitors of Maremagnum Barcelona

Amsterdam, Tuesday 27th of June 2023 – This morning Maremagnum shopping centre celebrated the inauguration of the new facilities of ONE HUNDRED restrooms, focused on user well-being and health prevention. With this opening, the Dutch restroom company now operates 3 locations in Catalonia and a total of 12 in Spain, which have been opened over the last 4 years.

The inauguration was marked by the traditional ribbon cutting by Lotte Engels, general manager of the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Barcelona; Pierre-Etienne Alline, director of shopping centre management at Klépierre, the real estate group that owns Maremagnum; Marielle Romeijn, co-founder of ONE HUNDRED; and Niels Bakker, general director of ONE HUNDRED Iberia.

The incorporation of the well-being restrooms – which will offer hygiene, comfort and permanent attendance of a comfort crew – is part of the investment and strategy that Maremagnum is working on to become a benchmark shopping centre in Europe. The Klépierre group aims to improve the quality of all its facilities, including the restroom services, by prioritising the visitor experience in its large 22,000 m2 retail space.

Pierre-Etienne Alline of Klépierre said: “We are excited to welcome ONE HUNDRED restrooms to our Maremagnum shopping centre. Their innovative approach aligns perfectly with Klépierre’s commitment to enhance the customer experience through innovative and sustainable solutions”.

From the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Barcelona, Lotte Engels, explained: “We are very happy to support Dutch companies to land in Spain, but I am even happier to see how some companies are growing in the Spanish market as is the case of ONE HUNDRED“. 

Niels Bakker, General director of ONE HUNDRED Iberia, said: “Our relentless pursuit to stay on top of our game has allowed us to experience continuous growth in Spain and the rest of Europe with number one brands such as Klépierre”.

The new facilities, located on the ground floor, will have a toilet area for women, another for men, and the rest of the usual services such as the family and nursery room, health check station, and some new features that will be incorporated for the first time in the Maremagnum location. The restrooms will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology with contactless solutions and water-saving flushing systems.

Visitors of ONE HUNDRED Maremagnum pay for their toilet visit. In return they get well-being services, discounts in selected shops at Maremagnum and discount on self-sampling tests at the ONE HUNDRED vending wall.

The aim of ONE HUNDRED is to stimulate visitors to take care of their health and well-being with innovative services. For the first time in Spain, the restrooms will have a so-called reload space, which is already available in Sweden and Belgium. Also, a selection of self-sampling tests for health will be offered to visitors of Maremagnum. The reload space is a relaxation area with a massage chair and a screen with mindfulness exercises. The aim is to offer the user a space where they can relax from the stress of the day and replenish their energy. Health tests from Eurofins laboratory, ONE HUNDRED’s new partner in preventive health, will also be available. They will be offered at the vending wall, which will be implemented by the end of this year. The following tests will be offered: basic health, fatigue, cholesterol, intestinal microbiota, kidney damage, vitamins and minerals, allergy, and STD (sexually transmitted diseases).

In addition, thanks to ONE HUNDRED, Maremagnum will become the first shopping centre in Spain to have a smart urinal, capable of measuring people’s hydration in real time and in a non-invasive way. The new technology, created by the Barcelona start-up Kamleon, allows hydration to be measured through urine, analysing various parameters, and offers the user the result on a screen (hydration score) installed above the urinal. The aim of this new service is to raise awareness of the importance of drinking regularly to improve well-being and health, as well as to prevent possible diseases related to dehydration. In fact, 75% of Spaniards do not drink the daily amount of water recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Some studies show that more than half of the population suffers from dehydration and in the group of people over 65 years the percentage is up to 70% in a chronic form, according to data from the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

The aim of ONE HUNDRED restrooms is to change the concept of the “toilet break” in crowded places such as shopping centres, train stations or highway service stations. It aims to turn a moment that is sometimes stressful due to a lack of adequate hygienic conditions into a moment that matters. It also aims to contribute to the prevention of potential health conditions. Under the slogan “relieve, refresh and reload”, ONE HUNDRED aims to make every visit to the restroom a 5 minute well-being boost for the customer.