Today we launch our annual impact report 2023. In the report we show where ONE HUNDRED stands with regards to sustainability and which developments we have initiated in the areas of well-being, CO2 reduction, smart technology and the lifespan of our concept. We are proud that most of our partners and suppliers already prioritise sustainable practices. Step by step we improve our positive impact together.

We believe that a sustainable future is not only essential for the world, but also for our team, visitors, suppliers, partners, and investors. The report provides an overview of all initiatives implemented by ONE HUNDRED in 2023 to get closer to the goals for 2030:

  • inspiring and enabling 1 million visitors to improve their well-being
  • 55% reduction in overall carbon footprint per visitor
  • 50% increase in lifetime of our restroom locations

Working with an impact strategy fully aligns with our mission to make a positive impact on the world. Each year we will gain a better understanding of the impact of our concept and the areas that need attention to work towards a more sustainable future.



Learn more about our sustainability journey:


Ensuring resilient, long-lasting restrooms constructions.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms, the Dutch scale-up, has entered a strategic partnership with CULI-NOVA (CN) construction management, based in Barendrecht. CN has more than 18 years of experience in the construction industry and specialises in creating integrated solutions.

CN has been active in the construction of toilets in petrol stations, shopping centers and train stations across Europe since 2011. At the start of ONE HUNDRED restrooms, CN was actively involved in the development of the concept. After the development, CN consciously chose to work exclusively for ONE HUNDRED restrooms within this industry. The collaboration has now been further intensified by appointing Micha Berg as Chief Program Officer at ONE HUNDRED.

In addition to toilets, CN specialises in building hospitality and retail concepts and has built concepts for: Ace & Tate, Shell, Delhaize, The Döner Company, C’est du Pain and Einstein Kaffee. This experience gives CN an advantage over other construction parties.

Building toilets in an existing retail or mobility environment includes many aspects such as permits, safety, cooperation, and sustainability. The quality of the construction largely determines the resilience and longevity of the concept. Due to the conscious choice of materials and solid build quality of CN, ONE HUNDRED restrooms has created a concept that is proven to withstand the dynamics of high traffic locations.

“We see CN as an extension of the ONE HUNDRED organisation. The extensive experience and specialist knowledge make CN the ideal partner for today and for the future where growth and concept development are areas of focus”, says Bram Gleichman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

“ONE HUNDRED is a collaboration in which we can use all our know-how and creativity. We see the joint (further) development and scaling up of the concept throughout Europe as the crowning glory of our work”, says Micha Berg, owner of CN.