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We proudly present our first annual impact report. In the report we show where ONE HUNDRED stands with regards to sustainability and which developments we initiate in the areas of well-being, CO2 reduction, smart technology and the lifespan of our concept.
We believe that a sustainable future is not only essential for the world, but also for our team, visitors, suppliers, partners, and investors.

The report provides an overview of all initiatives implemented by ONE HUNDRED in 2022 to get closer to the goals for 2030: to inspire and enable 1 million visitors to improve their well-being, to reduce the CO2 footprint per visitor by 55% and to increase the lifetime of the ONE HUNDRED concept by 50%.

With this comprehensive report, ONE HUNDRED is a pioneer in the public restroom industry. Working with an impact strategy fully aligns with our mission to make a positive impact on the world. Each year we will gain a better understanding of the impact of our concept and the areas that need attention to work towards a more sustainable future.

Learn more about our sustainability journey:

ONE HUNDRED opening at Circle K

Last Friday we celebrated the opening of the first ONE HUNDRED restrooms at Circle K in Örebro, Sweden! It was a pleasure to cut the ribbon together with the site manager and the sr. manager real estate development Per Selin to mark this exciting occasion. The first reactions have been very positive.

Constructions of the second flagship station Floda have also been finalized and Knivsta and Gränna will open before the summer. These four stations are part of a bigger project that Circle K is currently rolling out in Sweden: the building of Flagship stations.

The facilities will include many new features beside the design, experience and cleanliness, like interactive mirrors and free health-checks. We can’t wait to see how customers react to the new experience.

Visit our locations in Sweden:


Today ONE HUNDRED restrooms launches the new brand campaign ‘moments matter’, which links the restroom break with the increasing need of people to take control of their well-being. With this campaign, ONE HUNDRED positions itself as an enabler that encourages people to claim more moments for themselves. The new campaign invites people to make every moment count, giving a new meaning to a toilet break in public spaces: from a moment of stress to a moment of well-being.

The new campaign invites people to make every moment count, giving a new meaning to a toilet break in public spaces: from a moment of stress to a moment of well-being.

“A visit to the toilet is a natural moment that you can use during the day as a reset moment. A microbreak of just 90 seconds in which you breathe consciously or do a simple exercise can already make a big difference in your day. Research also shows that three-quarters of the population are interested in digitally monitoring their own health . New technologies such as interactive mirrors and smart toilets make it possible to turn a toilet visit into a moment of self-care. In the toilet visit of the future, relaxation and lifestyle management come together,” says Marielle Romeijn, co-founder of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

ONE HUNDRED is a first mover in linking restroom breaks to the future of lifestyle management, by offering smart solutions and services in the field of health and well-being. Since the launch in 2018, the health check and the hydration station have been part of the offer. In recent years, several innovations in the field of well-being have been added. In the coming years, ONE HUNDRED will focus even more on achieving their vision together with new partners.

The scale-up has built a strong brand position over the last 5 years by offering a unique approach to design and architecture that customers associate with clean, safe, relaxing, hygienic washrooms that promote a sense of well-being. The multi award winning design is very well received as «the new standard» in public toilets. ONE HUNDRED is currently active in four countries and has an ambitious growth plan for the coming years.

The ‘moments matter’ campaign will run online and on social channels from today.


Ensuring resilient, long-lasting restrooms constructions.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms, the Dutch scale-up, has entered a strategic partnership with CULI-NOVA (CN) construction management, based in Barendrecht. CN has more than 18 years of experience in the construction industry and specialises in creating integrated solutions.

CN has been active in the construction of toilets in petrol stations, shopping centers and train stations across Europe since 2011. At the start of ONE HUNDRED restrooms, CN was actively involved in the development of the concept. After the development, CN consciously chose to work exclusively for ONE HUNDRED restrooms within this industry. The collaboration has now been further intensified by appointing Micha Berg as Chief Program Officer at ONE HUNDRED.

In addition to toilets, CN specialises in building hospitality and retail concepts and has built concepts for: Ace & Tate, Shell, Delhaize, The Döner Company, C’est du Pain and Einstein Kaffee. This experience gives CN an advantage over other construction parties.

Building toilets in an existing retail or mobility environment includes many aspects such as permits, safety, cooperation, and sustainability. The quality of the construction largely determines the resilience and longevity of the concept. Due to the conscious choice of materials and solid build quality of CN, ONE HUNDRED restrooms has created a concept that is proven to withstand the dynamics of high traffic locations.

“We see CN as an extension of the ONE HUNDRED organisation. The extensive experience and specialist knowledge make CN the ideal partner for today and for the future where growth and concept development are areas of focus», says Bram Gleichman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

«ONE HUNDRED is a collaboration in which we can use all our know-how and creativity. We see the joint (further) development and scaling up of the concept throughout Europe as the crowning glory of our work», says Micha Berg, owner of CN.


Wellbeing restrooms contribute to wow factor at new flagship stations.

Amsterdam, 19 January 2023 – Circle K and ONE HUNDRED restrooms are joining forces to set the new standard for restrooms at highway service stations of Circle K in Sweden.

Hygiene, health and comfort are the three cornerstones of this innovative Dutch restroom concept, which will already be open for customers at four Circle K Flagship stations before the summer: Knivsta, Floda, Örebro and Gränna. These four stations are part of a bigger project that Circle K is currently rolling out in Sweden: the building of Flagship stations.

“We want to introduce a new level of restrooms along the highways in Sweden, and therefore we teamed up with ONE HUNDRED restrooms to pilot their concept at a selection of our sites in Sweden. We will closely follow the customer feedback and hopefully this is the future of restrooms for Circle K in Sweden, says Per Selin Sr Manager Real Estate Development in Sweden.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms offer visitors services to «Relieve, Refresh, Reload» that turns a toilet visit from a necessary evil into a reviving micro break. The facilities will include many new features beside the design, experience and cleanliness, like interactive mirrors and free health-checks.

The company has been active in Sweden since 2019 with restroom locations in Gallerian mall and Citycons Liljeholmstorget in Stockholm. Due to the balanced mix of design, technology and service ONE HUNDRED restrooms is highly valued by both customers and partners.

“We are very happy to partner with the number 1 convenience brand in Sweden. This partnership with Circle K and other new partnerships in Europe give us confidence that our concept is seen as the most innovative and relevant solution in the market. We can’t wait to see how customers react to the new experience”, says Bram Gleichman co-founder and CCO of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

Dynamic Code enters into a partnership with ONE HUNDRED restrooms

Dynamic Code begins a collaboration for the distribution of self-sampling tests with ONE HUNDRED restrooms, an innovative Dutch public toilet scale-up. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is a European player that has developed a completely new concept for public restrooms in high traffic locations, for example shopping centers, redefining a toilet visit to a moment of relaxation and well-being. In addition to hygienic toilets, ONE HUNDRED restrooms offers health and well-being services and health-related products. This is where Dynamic Codes comes in with its self-sampling tests.

The self-sampling kits are available to the visitors of the Gallerian mall in the heart of Stockholm at ONE HUNDRED restrooms. There, visitors can buy the 5 most popular tests for: sexually transmitted diseases, candida and bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infection and a DNA nutrition test for diet. Customers can take the test at ONE HUNDRED or at home and send it to the lab where it is analyzed. Within a few days they receive the result online, together with a medical recommendation.

“It is exciting to be part of the offer when a completely new type of player establishes itself on the market. We hope to be able to meet even more customers in a completely new environment and thus continue to be an important piece of the puzzle in the care landscape and give people a safe diagnosis”, says Louise Nylén, CEO of Dynamic Code.

We offer the new standard in public restrooms by creating an environment that is more than just toilets. We want to empower our customers to live a healthy life. Self sampling tests provide insight and control of your own health. Therefore, Dynamic Code’s products fit well into our offer and we are happy to be able to offer our visitors these.”, says Marielle Romeijn, co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at One Hundred Restrooms.

The collaboration between ONE HUNDRED and Dynamic code aims to offer self-test kits in the future at as many ONE HUNDRED locations in Europe as possible. In the course of 2023, it is expected that new locations in Sweden will be opened with a self-test vending as additional service.


About ONE HUNDRED restrooms

ONE HUNDRED restrooms is a Dutch company, co-founded by entrepreneurs who were previously involved in the successful European roll-out of 2theloo. ONE HUNDRED restrooms wants to change a toilet visit at petrol stations, train stations, shopping centers and other high traffic locations from a stressful experience to a moment of well-being. Next to a modern interior in which hygiene and comfort are central, the location is equipped with interactive modules aimed at well-being of visitors. ONE HUNDRED’s strategic partners: Roca, Essity and Diversey, are known for their pioneering role in innovation and sustainability. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is a smart restroom concept; data and technology play a central role in the visitor experience and intelligent operational processes. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is on the verge of a large European roll-out with various operational partners.

About Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code offers smart diagnostic and healthcare testing solutions. Most of our products are based on rigorous DNA technology that is utilised in both traditional health care and for customers. You can easily order any of our testing kits online, where you can quickly and effortlessly take them anywhere you are. The tests are then analysed in our laboratories, whereupon your results can be retrieved via a safe code on our website in just a few days. Your results can be accessed safely, securely, and with complete anonymity. We also offer subsequent care solutions and various treatment options via our digital healthcare providers. The whole process could not be any smoother.