Wellbeing restrooms contribute to wow factor at new flagship stations.

Amsterdam, 19 January 2023 – Circle K and ONE HUNDRED restrooms are joining forces to set the new standard for restrooms at highway service stations of Circle K in Sweden.

Hygiene, health and comfort are the three cornerstones of this innovative Dutch restroom concept, which will already be open for customers at four Circle K Flagship stations before the summer: Knivsta, Floda, Örebro and Gränna. These four stations are part of a bigger project that Circle K is currently rolling out in Sweden: the building of Flagship stations.

“We want to introduce a new level of restrooms along the highways in Sweden, and therefore we teamed up with ONE HUNDRED restrooms to pilot their concept at a selection of our sites in Sweden. We will closely follow the customer feedback and hopefully this is the future of restrooms for Circle K in Sweden, says Per Selin Sr Manager Real Estate Development in Sweden.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms offer visitors services to ”Relieve, Refresh, Reload” that turns a toilet visit from a necessary evil into a reviving micro break. The facilities will include many new features beside the design, experience and cleanliness, like interactive mirrors and free health-checks.

The company has been active in Sweden since 2019 with restroom locations in Gallerian mall and Citycons Liljeholmstorget in Stockholm. Due to the balanced mix of design, technology and service ONE HUNDRED restrooms is highly valued by both customers and partners.

“We are very happy to partner with the number 1 convenience brand in Sweden. This partnership with Circle K and other new partnerships in Europe give us confidence that our concept is seen as the most innovative and relevant solution in the market. We can’t wait to see how customers react to the new experience”, says Bram Gleichman co-founder and CCO of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

Dynamic Code enters into a partnership with ONE HUNDRED restrooms

Dynamic Code begins a collaboration for the distribution of self-sampling tests with ONE HUNDRED restrooms, an innovative Dutch public toilet scale-up. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is a European player that has developed a completely new concept for public restrooms in high traffic locations, for example shopping centers, redefining a toilet visit to a moment of relaxation and well-being. In addition to hygienic toilets, ONE HUNDRED restrooms offers health and well-being services and health-related products. This is where Dynamic Codes comes in with its self-sampling tests.

The self-sampling kits are available to the visitors of the Gallerian mall in the heart of Stockholm at ONE HUNDRED restrooms. There, visitors can buy the 5 most popular tests for: sexually transmitted diseases, candida and bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infection and a DNA nutrition test for diet. Customers can take the test at ONE HUNDRED or at home and send it to the lab where it is analyzed. Within a few days they receive the result online, together with a medical recommendation.

“It is exciting to be part of the offer when a completely new type of player establishes itself on the market. We hope to be able to meet even more customers in a completely new environment and thus continue to be an important piece of the puzzle in the care landscape and give people a safe diagnosis”, says Louise Nylén, CEO of Dynamic Code.

We offer the new standard in public restrooms by creating an environment that is more than just toilets. We want to empower our customers to live a healthy life. Self sampling tests provide insight and control of your own health. Therefore, Dynamic Code’s products fit well into our offer and we are happy to be able to offer our visitors these.”, says Marielle Romeijn, co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at One Hundred Restrooms.

The collaboration between ONE HUNDRED and Dynamic code aims to offer self-test kits in the future at as many ONE HUNDRED locations in Europe as possible. In the course of 2023, it is expected that new locations in Sweden will be opened with a self-test vending as additional service.


About ONE HUNDRED restrooms

ONE HUNDRED restrooms is a Dutch company, co-founded by entrepreneurs who were previously involved in the successful European roll-out of 2theloo. ONE HUNDRED restrooms wants to change a toilet visit at petrol stations, train stations, shopping centers and other high traffic locations from a stressful experience to a moment of well-being. Next to a modern interior in which hygiene and comfort are central, the location is equipped with interactive modules aimed at well-being of visitors. ONE HUNDRED’s strategic partners: Roca, Essity and Diversey, are known for their pioneering role in innovation and sustainability. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is a smart restroom concept; data and technology play a central role in the visitor experience and intelligent operational processes. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is on the verge of a large European roll-out with various operational partners.

About Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code offers smart diagnostic and healthcare testing solutions. Most of our products are based on rigorous DNA technology that is utilised in both traditional health care and for customers. You can easily order any of our testing kits online, where you can quickly and effortlessly take them anywhere you are. The tests are then analysed in our laboratories, whereupon your results can be retrieved via a safe code on our website in just a few days. Your results can be accessed safely, securely, and with complete anonymity. We also offer subsequent care solutions and various treatment options via our digital healthcare providers. The whole process could not be any smoother.

Zaragoza Delicias, first train station in Aragon to install premium public restrooms focused on well-being

Hygiene, comfort and permanent staffing for a fee of 1 euro, recoverable in the form of a discount in the station’s stores.

The toilets are fully equipped with state-of-the-art non-touch technology to improve hygiene.

Zaragoza is the fourth city in Spain where the Dutch puBLic restroom company One Hundred restrooms implements its facilities.

76% of Spaniards AVOID public toilets due to lack of hygiene, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zaragoza Delicias train station opened the doors of the first premium public restrooms in Aragon for travelers, thanks to the Dutch public restroom company One Hundred restrooms. With this opening, Zaragoza becomes the first city in the Aragonese region and the fourth in Spain to offer this type of service.

One Hundred already has facilities in Madrid Puerta de Atocha (the first in Spain) and Barcelona Sants since 2021; and during the first quarter of 2022 it has been implemented in Madrid Chamartín Clara Campoamor and Alacant-Terminal stations.

The aim of One Hundred restrooms is to redefine the standard of the ”toilet break” in crowded places such as train stations, service stations and shopping malls. The aim is to turn a moment that is sometimes stressful, due to the lack of adequate hygienic conditions, into a pleasant experience.

With the inauguration of this new space, One Hundred intends that each visit to the restroom will bring a few minutes of well-being to the customer in exchange for a fee of 1 euro. With the entrance ticket to the restrooms you will get a 15% discount on drinks at Lizarran and Pannus restaurants, located in the same station. ”We are excited to inaugurate the tenth and, for the moment, last unit in a Spanish station. We look forward to rolling out our new public restroom concept focused on comfort and well-being in more places in Spain,” explains Niels Bakker, general manager of One Hundred Spain. For its part, Adif Alta Velocidad states that the new restrooms aim to improve the quality of service to users.

The new restrooms at Zaragoza Delicias are divided into two units: one located in the departures area, with 38 m2, and the other in the arrivals area, also with 38 m2, both on the first floor of the station.

The toilets are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Contactless technology, which make this space clean and hygienic, including: automatic flush toilets, contactless faucets and soap dispensers, as well as no-touch lighting experience. The mirrors are smart and offer hygiene tips and real-time weather information. In addition, they display the station’s retail promotions that One Hundred customers have access to with their restroom ticket.

With the aim of achieving a holistic wellness experience, the design of the space is inspired by nature. A vertical garden of natural plants at the entrance welcomes users, creating a sense of being outdoors. The soft, organic shapes, photographs of forest landscapes and the fresh nature scent, along with the room’s audio, that plays bird sounds, provide a sense of relaxation.

Designed and fitted out with a high degree of eco-consciousness, the new restrooms are constructed with sustainable materials, feature energy-saving designs of up to 60% and are cleaned with environmentally friendly products. One Hundred’s strategic partners are Roca, Essity and Diversey, known for being pioneers in innovation and sustainability, as well as world leaders in their segments.

This opening is the latest of ten that the toilet company has launched between 2021 and 2022 in Spain, after winning the Adif Alta Velocidad tender to install restrooms in five of its main train stations: Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Barcelona Sants, Madrid Chamartín Clara Campoamor, Alacant-Terminal and Zaragoza Delicias.

76% of Spaniards refrain from entering public toilets in bars, train stations, or airports due to the lack of hygiene, according to a survey by the Sondea Institute. Market conditions and user expectations are changing rapidly, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has increased awareness of the health risks associated with hygiene in public spaces.

One Hundred restrooms is a company of Dutch origin that first landed in Spain in 2018, with the opening of its first facilities in the shopping center La Vaguada Madrid. It currently has a presence in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp and St. Nicholas), Sweden (Stockholm) and the Netherlands, where it has already opened 7 of the 28 sites planned for 2021-2022 at TotalEnergies gas stations.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms starts toilet revolution with smart urinal

ONE HUNDRED restrooms, the Dutch scale-up, has entered a partnership with the Spanish tech start-up Kamleon to make people aware of the importance of drinking enough water, by means of a hydration tracker. This makes ONE HUNDRED the first public toilet concept in the world to offer a smart urinal.

The smart urinal that automatically measures the hydration level when in use will be available to visitors of Barcelona Sants train station as of today. The innovative system
measures hydration non-invasively via the urine, analyzing various parameters. The user will see the result on a screen installed above the urinal after a few seconds. The smart
technology is integrated into an existing product of Roca, strategic partner of ONE HUNDRED. The solution has been extensively tested in 2021 through multiple pilots in different centers such as the Geriatric Day Hospital of the Hospital de Mar in Barcelona, as well as in the French Olympic Training Center in Font Romeu (France), with optimal results. “The collaboration with ONE HUNDRED is the start of the future where health tracking becomes part of your daily routine”, says Jordi Ferr Albiol, CEO of Kamleon.

The goal of the new service is to raise public awareness of the importance of adequate water intake to improve well-being and health and prevent potential illnesses related to
lack of hydration. Up to 75% of the European population don’t drink the recommended daily amount of water. Especially when on the go. Dehydration decreases physical
performance, causes moodiness, negatively affects cognitive performance, decreases productivity, and can cause headaches or migraines. Many people do not drink enough
water when they are on the go, either because they avoid using public toilets due to a lack of hygiene or because they do not have water with them. “It is time for a toilet revolution, in which a visit to the toilet becomes a moment of well-being instead of a moment of stress. This innovation developed by Kamleon fits our vision perfectly”, says Marielle Romeijn, co-founder of ONE HUNDRED restrooms.

Both the smart urine analysis and the hydration station are free services that ONE HUNDRED offers as part of the paid toilet visit. Other well-being services available for visitors are a health check – which measures, among other things, blood pressure, heart rate, BMI and oxygen saturation in the blood – a shower room, non-touch technology, a baby care room and interactive mirrors with well-being tips.

Kamleon is currently working on a new model of a smart urinal for women and is exploring the possibility of optimizing the service by analyzing other parameters. The collaboration
between ONE HUNDRED and Kamleon aims to offer the smart hydration check in the future at as many ONE HUNDRED locations in Europe as possible for both men and
women. In the course of 2023, it is expected that visitors of TotalEnergies stations in the Netherlands, shopping malls in Belgium and Stockholm and all new locations with ONE
HUNDRED presence, will also be able to measure their hydration level during a toilet visit.

Alacant-Terminal, the first train station in the Valencian Community to install premium public restrooms.

Hygiene, comfort and permanent staff for the well-being of travelers.

Nursery room, family restroom and a steam experience are some of the services offered by the new public restroom.

Alicante is the third city in Spain where the Dutch restroom company One Hundred Restrooms implements its facilities.

76% of Spaniards renounce public toilets due to lack of hygiene, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, Tuesday, February 1, the Alacant-Terminal train station celebrated the opening of the first premium public restooms in the Valencia region for travelers, thanks to the Dutch company One Hundred Restrooms. The event, attended by Niels Bakker, general manager of One Hundred Spain, and the Dutch management team, included the traditional ribbon cutting to officially inaugurate these new facilities. The managers of the different stores of the station also attended the opening ceremony.

The company already has facilities in Madrid Puerta de Atocha (the first in Spain) and Barcelona Sants since 2021, and since January 2022 in Madrid Chamartín Clara Campoamor.

With the opening of this new space, One Hundred intends that each visit to the restroom will bring a few minutes of wellness to the customer in exchange for a fee of 1 euro, an amount that can be recovered in the form of a discount in some stores in the same station. ”We are excited to introduce this new public restroom concept focused on taking care of travelers’ health and well-being. The combination of hygiene, technology, design and permanent staff makes the toilet break a unique experience,” explains Niels Bakker, general manager of One Hundred Spain. For its part, Adif Alta Velocidad states that the new toilets aim to improve the quality of service to visitors.

The new Alacant-Terminal restrooms are located on the first floor of the station, next to the Cercanías entrance, and have an area of 80 m2.

In addition to toilets for women and men – all of them equipped with state-of-the-art contactless technology for hygiene – the space has a family room, with a toilet for adults and children and a changing table for babies; a nursery room with a microwave, changing table and an armchair for mom and baby with a curtain to create a comfortable environment for breastfeeding; a make-up table; and a steam experience, located just after the entrance, which helps to maintain the relative humidity levels of the space between 40% and 60%, quickly eliminating viruses from the environment. The facility also has motivational mirrors with real-time information on weather, hygiene tips, etc., and a room for people with extra needs.

ONE HUNDRED restrooms Gold Winner Grands prix du design

ONE HUNDRED restrooms, the new standard in public restrooms, is Gold winner of this year’s GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN, the prestigious and respected international design and architecture prize.

The international jury evaluated each project based on a point system (1-100). Depending on the score winners received a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award. The winning projects have proven to be particularly avant-garde and considerate of a sustainable future. ONE HUNDRED won a Gold Award for the discipline of ‘other categories’ in the interior design category.

The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN is an annual award that celebrates excellence in design, architecture, and the built environment. Recognized by the community in Quebec since its creation in 2007, this year’s competition was its 14th edition. Talents from more than 30 countries joined in presenting 1,113 creative projects of all sorts.

About ONE HUNDRED restrooms
ONE HUNDRED restrooms offers premium paid public restrooms to high traffic locations like petrol stations, shopping malls and train stations.

Public toilets in Europe have quite a bad image. The ambition of ONE HUNDRED is to create a new standard in public restrooms and make a toilet break inspirational. ONE HUNDRED believes the restroom of the future is a place, a health hub, build around the principles of well-being. A place to relieve, refresh and reload. The ONE HUNDRED restrooms experience goes beyond clean, safe toilets in high traffic areas, as it combines cutting-edge technology, sustainable design and service to create moments for better well-being.

In addition, the facilities are fully equipped with high-tech tools like water flow meters, digital motivational mirrors, a smart payment system and connected dispensers. Technology that doesn’t only contribute to the overall experience, it also plays an important factor in terms of operational efficiency and sustainability. Strategic partners Essity, Roca and Diversey – leaders in their sector – highly contribute to the sustainability and innovation of the concept. ONE HUNDRED restrooms is on the verge of a large European roll-out with various operational partners.

Multiple award-winning design
The Grands prix du design award isn’t the first recognition for the ONE HUNDRED restrooms project, designed by WeWantMore studio from Antwerp. The design has been awarded in 2019 with a Silver A’Design award and a platinum MUSE design award and in 2020 with an iF design award.

About WeWantMore
WeWantMore is a Belgium based award winning design studio, founded in 2006, focusing on graphic, interior and experiential design. Putting creativity at the center of the design process, they strive to create lasting valuable contributions to culture. WeWantMore wants to lead the way in designing how brands shape and interact with the world, by relentlessly pushing the boundaries of creativity, challenging accepted beliefs and demanding more from both themselves and their clients.

“Inspired by ONE HUNDRED’s vision, we wanted to redefine the toilet break moment as such. Rather than designing a merely functional area, we re- interpreted the concept of a public restroom as a place to relieve, refresh and reload. As a result, the ONE HUNDRED restrooms experience goes beyond a clean toilet in a high traffic area. It creates a true moment of well-being through an intricate combination of cutting-edge technology, design and service.” Ruud Belmans, founder, and Creative Director at WeWantMore.

The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN is an annual award that celebrates excellence in design, architecture, and the built environment. After thirteen editions known and recognized as prestigious competitions celebrating the excellence of a creative industry, the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN has exploded on the world stage, added a very first international Jury and introduced new disciplines and categories to reflect the effervescence and multidisciplinary of creativity in the building industry.